From Snow to Sun: From Robot to Human

Leaving the cold and the snow behind, Thursday I arrived in the country that I fell in love with eleven years ago. As A Mind Apart grows, it’s time for me to begin to return to the original dream. But before I give away my secrets and future plans there have been  more pressing matters to attend to…REST!

I have left the bustle of the business behind and am sat in front of a swimming pool in the sun, sipping coffee in a beautiful hotel surrounded with tropical trees and plants…You may feel jealous, or you may be in front of your  own swimming pool, but either way I make no apologies, because those that know me well know how few ‘real’ holidays I have. There are fewer places I’d rather be right now, and although some work is still being done, even I need my space and time to think and be alone.

The lifestyle in Brazil is much more relaxed and at a much slower pace, mainly because it’s often too hot to do much when the sun is high. English people could learn a lot from this way of living. We worry too much, complain too much, work too hard on what we hate. Why do we do that? I know we don’t have the sun that Brazil has, but we also don’t have the poverty that many people here have, and they never complain like we do. We’re becoming more and more selfish, insulated and inconsiderate. We no longer spend time creating relationships. We do everything through facebook and social media, and when we have thousands of friends we think we’re popular.

Well, here’s the wake up call…

…You’re not popular by having thousands of people following you! Why? Because that’s not you, it’s not the real you, it’s a persona you have created, a mask to hide behind. Over the years living in England but regularly visiting Brazil, I’ve realised that Brazilians are not very good at keeping in contact through social media and emails. This can be frustrating, but when you realise why that is, suddenly you begin to appreciate an element of their culture that we seem to have lost. They value true relationship. They value sitting with someone over a meal or a drink and speaking face to face. They value going to the beach with their friends and supporting them in any way they can, they value asking how your family is before going into a business meeting. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and rarely have a mask. They don’t use social media to make themselves appear one way or to feel popular. This is what we have lost in the West. We have lost what it is to truly invest in someone, to truly show them that you care and love them. We have lost our personalities.

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