About Me

I am the Founder and Managing Director of A Mind Apart Theatre Company Limited, a Social Enterprise, based in the UK, working within the arts sector.  Alongside this I am also the Network Coordinator for Sheffield Social Enterprise Network , supporting social enterprises and social entrepreneurs in the Sheffield City Region.

Other roles I hold include being the Chair of Trustees for the charity Service of Hope in the UK and an Entrepreneur in Residence at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University.

With a BA in Drama and a Masters in Cooperative and Social Enterprise Management,  I have extensive experience of working in the performing arts and social enterprise sectors, from working with a leading UK Pantomime company in Stage Management, to performing, Directing and running my own performing arts social enterprise and supporting other social entrepreneurs and creatives.

I have a strong passion for social fairness and justice, which has helped to ignite the fire for my work both here and abroad, in all aspects of my work. I work with arts and third sector organisations, individuals, start-ups and entrepreneurs, offering consultation and coaching. As a regular speaker at conferences and events on a wide range of subjects, I believe in social business with social responsibility, and am passionate about educating others about these issues. As a ‘creative’ myself, I believe that we need to value ourselves better within the creative sector and work together to support one another in the career’s we have chosen. For me, this carries over into the work I do with social enterprises. If we can’t value ourselves and work correctly, we can’t expect others to do it for us. I am passionate about working with creatives and social entrepreneurs to support them in becoming sustainable.

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