Brazil: The End of an Era: The Start of a New Chapter

Life doesn’t stop. I’ve been reminded of this during this visit to Brazil. As I’m sat eating breakfast on my final morning (for this visit) in the country where I left my heart eleven years ago, I’m considering the friendships that started then, the people I invested in both physically and spiritually. There have been many that continue, but there have also been many that have stopped. People change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I try only to love those around me and invest in those that need and want it. But sometimes it’s easy to feel that such an investment is lost with time, space and life passing us by.

So many individuals I once knew, I no longer know at all. This visit has shown me how life moves us forward, sometimes so quickly that we can’t stop it. Sometimes in a way that we end up leaving people behind. Not because we want to or mean to, but because we are each on our own walk and our own journey. Those journeys sometimes intertwine, and sometimes they move far away from one another. Sometimes those journeys come back together and other times we never meet again. It’s always a privilege to know people, to learn about who they are, what they like, don’t like, meet their family, get to know them! But it’s also important to realise when it’s time to begin the new chapters of life. Not because we want to forget people, or because we decide we no longer like them. No it’s simply because life has moved on.

The three weeks of this trip is over, tonight I will fly. I came to Brazil for three things: 1. Work; 2. Rest; 3. Reconnect with some of my oldest friends. The ‘rest’ part was easy. New places have been seen, and they have only deepened my love for this country. I don’t want to say too much about work, and give away my ‘game plan’, but a new chapter is being opened. In the country where my training began, working with children at risk and disadvantaged communities, upon my return God has blessed me with television interviews, meetings that were never expected or planned and most importantly a realisation that the last eleven years has been preparation for something that can be big…that WILL be big. Something that I can only do with the God I follow. Something that I could begin today. But as with all chapters and stories, there must be a beginning middle and an end, and it must fit into the entire story that is being written. It’s time to return to England, but I return moving A Mind Apart into a new phase. Moving myself professionally into a new phase, and moving my staff and team into a new phase. 
I have waited patiently, I have planned cautiously, I have learnt professionally, and understand what it is to take a risk. I have been the student for so long, and I still am in so many ways, but it’s time to be the teacher. Suddenly I can see all that God has been preparing me for. Suddenly my dreams are bigger still. Suddenly minor things no longer matter, what matters now is moving forward, focusing on the goal. The goal that never moved…I moved…Others moved….But the goal never moved! This is the start of a new chapter that will be written with some old friends, but more importantly will involve new friends and new partners.

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