Letting the Baby Fly

There's little else that gets me 'buzzing' and makes me feel a deep sense of pride in the same way that watching my business grow does. The other day I read a blog on our A Mind Apart page, by a year ten work experience student, that made me remember why I do what I… Continue reading Letting the Baby Fly

From Snow to Sun: From Robot to Human

Leaving the cold and the snow behind, Thursday I arrived in the country that I fell in love with eleven years ago. As A Mind Apart grows, it's time for me to begin to return to the original dream. But before I give away my secrets and future plans there have been ┬ámore pressing matters… Continue reading From Snow to Sun: From Robot to Human

Why it’s Important to Dream

It has been said many times to me that I live with my head in the clouds. My reply is always the same "Living with my head in the clouds has got me success thus far, so I'll continue, but thank you for noticing."Why is it that we often bring the dreamers down? It runs… Continue reading Why it’s Important to Dream