Arts and Sustainability

Why is it that creatives and artists seem to shy away from the word sustainability? From my own experience when you ask many artists or creatives about how their work is sustainable from a business perspective they look very confused, run away or mutter something about having lots of success with funding bids. Yet, these… Continue reading Arts and Sustainability

Letting the Baby Fly

There's little else that gets me 'buzzing' and makes me feel a deep sense of pride in the same way that watching my business grow does. The other day I read a blog on our A Mind Apart page, by a year ten work experience student, that made me remember why I do what I… Continue reading Letting the Baby Fly

Valuing our Art Form

Why is it that as artists we are too quick to offer our skills for free? ┬áThis is something that I've been considering a lot lately, especially in the context of Performing Arts. On a regular basis I see artists not only competing with each other, but willing to drop their fees for performances, classes… Continue reading Valuing our Art Form